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IT Support & Solutions provide a high level focused in excellence costumer care. Let IT Computer Repair & Systems Inc., bring a complete IT support and Solutions for you and your Business.

For 5 years IT Computer Repair & Systems Inc. has provided small or medium businesses as best IT services.

Windows Server 2012


Windows Server powers many of the world largest data centers, enables small businesses around the world, and delivers value to organizations of all sizes in between. Windows Server 2012 redefines the server category, delivering hundreds of new features and enhancements spanning virtualization, networking, storage, user experience, cloud computing, automation, and more. Simply put, Windows Server 2012.

Firewall Appliance


Installation, Setup & manage the Firewall Software applications for small, medium & large Business.

IP Phone Systems with Elastix, Digium & Tribox.


IP PhoneYealink_SIP_T38G IPPhonepolycom

Elastix is an Open Source Software to establish IP Unified Communications. About this concept, Elastix goal is to incorporate all the communication alternatives, available at an enterprise level, into a unique solution.

IP-PBX software solution purpose built to support growing SMB businesses.



The widespread adoption of server virtualization has revolutionized the provisioning and management of applications, saving enterprises billions of dollars. However, the network to which these dynamic workloads connect has not kept pace. Network provisioning remains painfully slow: Even simple topologies take days or weeks to create. Workload placement and mobility are restricted by physical network limitations and hardware dependencies require vendor-specific expertise. Network configuration is performed manually and maintenance is both expensive and resource-intensive.

CCTV & IP Security Cameras


Provide Complete Surveillance System for your Home and Business. High resolution CCTV & IP Cameras and recorders

 WEB Design & Development


Provides web design involves planning, designing and implementing web sites. It is simply an application of conventional design as it requires to take into account the navigability, interactivity, usability, information architecture and interaction of media such as audio, text, images, links and video.

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For 5 years IT Computer Repair & Systems Inc. has provided small or medium businesses as best IT services.

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Phone System

Apr 15, 2014 by Kibrom Isaak

Our law firm, Universal Law Firm, PLLC, hired ITCRS Inc., to install and set up our multiline telephone system. The quality of the service, promptness, and efficiency far exceeds our expectation. The professionals have helped us customize the system to meet our specific needs and we have efficiently used our limited resources. The professionals are trustworthy and knowledgeable when it comes to narrowing down our options out of the overwhelming choices of available technology. With a reasonable service fee, our firm benefited from ITCRS Inc. excellent professional work.

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IT Service, IT Support, Network Support.
5827 Columnia Pike, Suite 411 Falls ChurchVA22041 USA 
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